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Awareness and Advocacy

We do workshops as awareness program. Where in a platform vast knowledge is given and detailed problems are discussed.

Cultural & Co-curricular activities

Celebrations of Festivals: Children's day, Holi, Diwali, Rakhi, Christmas etc. Dance programs, Fashion Shows, Drawing Competitions.

Play therapy and group activities

Through Play children learn so many things, like sharing, turn taking. Language and speech starts developing and above all social skills develop.

Yoga and Gym

Physical education, gym and yoga is very important. They need to reduce stress and develop motor activities. It can improve flexibility, strength, balance and stamina.

Parent Training

Parents are the best interface for their children with society and the environment. Lack of awareness hinders understanding of the core issues relate with Autism Spectrum disorder. We take special care to train parents and answer their queries for better understanding of shortcomings. This is advantageous for both the parents and the child, and it is very important that parents are not misled or misguided.

Education -Functional Academics

Education is a path for self-development. It enhances way of life by understanding, independence and empowerment. We inculcate lesson program, audio-visual learning, teaching learning material, technology, assisted device for daily living and functioning of motor adaptability.

'What After Us - Club Good Hope' and Vocational unit

Pre-vocational and vocational training: Our vision is to make our children self-dependent and to develop skills to sustain their daily living. Art and craft, music, dance, Ipad and computer training are some fields we have introduced.

Intervention and Group Intervention

We give utmost importance to IEP (individual education plan), because each child has his own ability. By assessing first we derive his functional ability and social skills, understand his latent talent, on basis of which we make his education plan. a) Intervention:-We teach children one to one basis, by applying Behavioural Therapy and TEACCH Method. b) Group Intervention:-We teach in peer group environment and learning is done in classroom set up. Mostly generalized work is done here.

Our Vision and Aim

Sunshine with its ray of hope believes in educating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and make them self dependent. We evaluate and assess their talent and developmental skills. Social recognition, acceptance and awareness in school and environment is what we aim at. Our priority is to help parents get guidelines to help their children and understand how to improve their outlook. We have aimed to make people aware of Autism Spectrum Disorder, to rehabilitate, educate and empower for the child and his family.

Our founder

Nilanjana Rambothu

A sensitive and empathetic lady, Nilanjana Rambothu is a dedicated mother. She did her graduation in psychology and English. Thereafter, she joined the family business. However, after her son was diagnosed with autism, she left an entrepreneurial career aside to be by his side. She started studying autism in length and also did voluntary service. She received hands-on-training too. This did not satiate her desire of serving those who have autism so she started her school, Sunshine Autism Care. She is also an RCI holder in special education, though she did study psychology earlier. She is continuously striving to help children with autism and spreading awareness regarding their condition. Her focus is on rehabilitation, empowerment, and education of these children.

Our history


2012 - Foundation

1st July 2012 - Inauguration


9th -10th March 2013

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1st workshop on a) Red flags and awareness b) Communication


18th December 2013

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Doctor's visit


8th Feb 2014

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Park inauguration by MLA Sri Sujit Bose


26th August 2015

Seminar in Sri Ramkrishna Sarada Sangha Balika Vidyalaya


2nd April 2017

Fashion show and Awareness of Autism


23rd August 2017

Doctor's visit


4th Feb 2018

Eye & Dental camp


2nd April 2018

Autism Awareness with Airport Authority of India


1st August 2018

Second premise inauguration


2nd April 2019

Sunshine hosts Autism Awareness Day with City Centre 2 and SnS Institute


26th April 2019

Mental Health Awareness by Dr. JR Ram


29th May 2019

Sunshine and SnS Institute host Fashion show in collaboration


23rd Sept 2019

Launch of 'What After Us' project and Club Good Hope


3rd Jan 2020

Seminar on Ipad learning to enhance communication by Mitul Sen


12th January 2020

Sunshine was invited to be part of exhibition to showcase talents of its students by India Autism Centre in collaboration with AMITY University